From the English Department


(1.) To provide a wide range of learning experiences to develop their English proficiency.

(2.) To provide a positive environment and opportunities to interact and communicate in English inside and outside the classroom.

(3.) To develop generic skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and self-learning to enable students to adapt to changes and succeed in the future.



(1.) To increase students’ English exposure to and provide them with authentic learning environments, two NET teachers are involved in the curriculum between S1 and S6.

(2.) A junior form small group reading programme is arranged to motivate reading skills and reading to learn. Readings are selected according to group ability.

(3.) Sai Kung, a diverse community with rich western culture, is used as a learning community. School-based multimedia projects are carried out in junior forms every year about various aspects of our community.

(4.)An English Café is set up for students to experience authentic atmospheres, play English games, chat with English teachers and English Ambassadors, while enjoying snacks and drinks in a newly furnished venue.

(5.)Competitions and events are held throughout the school year to promote English language and provide a fun and positive atmosphere for English learning.



Speech Festival

English Week

English Café

English Ambassadors training and outing

English Singing Competition

S5 Drama Competition

Global Day

S1 Community Project: Outing to Lions Nature Centre

S2 Community Project: Restaurants in Sai Kung

S3 Community Project: TV Commercial of Sai Kung

Chat with Me

Drama and Puppetry Club

Debating Club

Overseas Cultural Exchange

Heritage Walk City Orienteering

Animal Exhibition

Campus TV